MEP Building Services

Our core engineering services include the design of Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health elements of a project.


We scrutinise and develop the environmental requirements for each project and propose solutions to achieve the most comfortable and efficient environment for our Clients.

We develop dynamic thermal models of the environmental space to be considered and prepare detailed design solutions for:

  • Natural Ventilation (Passive and Stack)
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Passive and Thermal Mass Heating Solutions
  • Water and Air Space Heating Systems
  • Space Cooling Systems
  • Passive Cooling and Ventilation Systems


We provide detailed design of the following Electrical services:

  • Incoming electrical power
  • Small power distribution
  • Lighting power circuits, controls and switching
  • Selection of light fittings including lighting design
  • Emergency light design
  • Fire alarm systems
  • IT Structured cabling and containment
  • Voice and Data Networks

Public Health

We offer the following detailed design Public Health services:

  • Above ground sanitation
  • Below ground drainage design including sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Major sewer and storm water diversion
  • Substation pumping design
  • Rainwater pipework and storm water drainage including rainwater harvesting systems
  • Hot water generation including solar hot water
  • Mains and boosted cold water services